Tutorial – Auto Install HitLeap Viewer on Ubuntu – VPS Linux

Hi guys, are you still find tutorial install Hitleap on VPS Linux and always fail ? I know, more tutorial you try always fail, because located application HitLeap Viewer.tar.xz changed, not on adress https://hitleap.com/viewer/latest?platform=Linux again .
See it, i’ll share script make you easy install Hitleap ( Super Easy )
Let’s do it!
Note : you have install VNC XRDP before install Hitleap

Automated Script :

Step 1 – Logged in on Putty or any,  create the automated script .

nano auto-hitleap.sh

Step 2 – Copy and Paste the code automated script:

apt-get update -y # To get the latest package lists
apt-get upgrade -y # To get the latest package lists
apt-get install nano xorg xrdp jwm firefox chromium-browser flashplugin-installer -y
service xrdp restart

wget -O "HitLeap Viewer.tar.xz" -P /root http://www.mediafire.com/file/ivaphpvs3h0wyyb/HitLeap_Viewer.tar.xz
tar xpvf "/root/HitLeap Viewer.tar.xz" -C /root
mv HitLeap-Viewer.desktop hitleap
chmod +x hitleap

cat > launch-hitleap.sh << EOF1
until "./hitleap"; do 
 echo "HitLeap crashed with exit code $?. Respawning..." >&2
 sleep 1

chmod +x launch-hitleap.sh
chmod +x hitleap
rm -rf "HitLeap Viewer.tar.xz"
Note : After you paste the code, save and close it (CTRL+X, Y, and Hit Enter).
Update latest hitleap on 28 march 2017 > http://www.mediafire.com/file/ivaphpvs3h0wyyb/HitLeap_Viewer.tar.xz

Step 3 – grant some permissions auto-hitleap.sh file to run:

chmod +x auto-hitleap.sh

Step 4 – Execute the script auto.sh:


Final Step – Starting the HitLeap Viewer launcher:

Open your Remote Desktop Connection and put your VPS IP address.
Insert your root credentials and login.
Click with the left button of your mouse and hit Terminal.
A terminal window will open. Type this:
and hit Enter.
You can close the Remote Desktop Connection software now.


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